Ceramics is a skill which requires an adequate physical space. Thus, the workshop becomes an essential place.

Her workshop is perfectly ordered, everything in its place perfectly labelled and organized, and, at the same time, with interior life and no sophistication, as a good schoolmistress would do. Everywhere you can see recuperated materials which are given a new function: cola-cao tins containing enamel paints and varnishes, decorated fruit boxes, are the drawings of a chest made from an old greengrocer’s one and now they keep pencils, rubbers, chalk, etc. You can see immediately that they are tools and materials which are frequently used and go back to their places once the task is finished. But she is not only tidy herself, she has also transmited this habit to her pupils to obtain a good coexistence among them which is absolutely necessary when working together in the same workshop. In a shelf, every pupil has his name written on the place where he puts his unfinished work. It’s obvious to say that her own works have their own place. Maria Dolors Giral; art historian, ex-director Barcelona Ceramics Museum.

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