We share our knowledge, take you through the processes, give technical advice, design and produce in a personalized way. We have a different and contemporary vision of ceramics with a language of its own.

The chef elaborates his creations from a concept, developing a speech to turn the gustatory, olfactory, visual and tactile instant of each guest in an extraordinary experience, complementing each preparation with an elegant presentation.
Ceramics, for its versatility, provides for these presentations, unique a esthetic in the textures and the colors that with other materials is not possible to get.
Limited series in porcelain, stoneware, white clay… we use our own range of colours or we customized new series, taking great care in the finishings, and where each piece is carefully taken care of as unique.

FACET glass for water
The chef Nandu Jubany (* Michelin) wanted to make an aesthetic and conceptual change in his welcome dinnerware and presentation set for guests at his restaurant Can Jubany.
He wanted a proposal in which a useful piece would also grab everybody’s attention. Not being just decorative or outstanding, but also suggesting naturalness, tradition, elegance and innovation.
This piece is “simply” a glass of water. At arriving at their table and taking a seat, guests will just find a glass of water. Thus, this glass must become a special piece, to convey a cascade of emotions, combining the simplest and the most common with an exclusive design and high quality material.
The design was done by means of digital processes, an upward trend in craft, studying attractive proposals with geometric surfaces, enchanting at sight and touch (very difficult to manually perform without this technology), to generate afterwards a prototype with 3D printing out of which a mould was created for production with porcelain, noble material which, by itself, positions the piece in a quality scope.

Nandu Jubany, chef of  Can Jubany Restaurant (*Michelin), in Calldetenes (Barcelona).

The chef Nandu Jubany (* Michelin) owner of the restaurant Can Jubany (located in a Catalan farmhouse with its own garden where all vegetables grown are served in the restaurant) wanted, following his exact words, “bring the garden to the table”. To do so, a stounding and “sculptural” container was required in which, in an innovative way, his just picked vegetables could emphasize this message.
The container, this was the concept as it was not considered to be a plate, required a unique shape, with a bold and exclusive volumetric shape (utterly distinctive from what the market offers) and surprising for the dinner guest, although its usefulness was also very important as it should consist of several containers to be filled with edible land and garden products, practical to grab and be stackable.

After various proposals, it was decided that the concept of a common starting seeds container (where small plants are grown to be transplanted), commonly used in agriculture, was the most appropriate. From there, research was to done to get to the shape, material and colour best suited to fulfil all requirements.

Design and production of porcelain. This dish model is also used in the Majestic Hotel (5* Luxury) in Barcelona.

tast olives

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