We share our knowledge, take you through the processes, give technical advice, design and produce in a personalized way. We have a different and contemporary vision of ceramics with a language of its own.

The chef elaborates his creations from a concept, developing a speech to turn the gustatory, olfactory, visual and tactile instant of each guest in an extraordinary experience, complementing each preparation with an elegant presentation.
Ceramics, for its versatility, provides for these presentations, unique a esthetic in the textures and the colors that with other materials is not possible to get.
Limited series in porcelain, stoneware, white clay… we use our own range of colours or we customized new series, taking great care in the finishings, and where each piece is carefully taken care of as unique.

Fernando P. Arellano, chef of Zaranda Restaurant (** Michelin), wanted a plate which depicted a moray. He did not want it to be a clear or realistic reproduction, but instead, an evocative piece, bringing to mind the chromaticism, the skin texture, the movement, the longitudinal shape…, which are this marine animal’s distinguishing features…
According to the chef, “When we lay a plate on the table I want my guests to be surprised by the set of suggestions they are offered. The set should have a certain air of luxury but without falling into a baroque style.”

That comment triggered some research on glazes for decoration, representing the visual characteristics and particular touch of the fish itself but without a colourful excess which would divert attention from its real function: to boost and highlight the food which was served.
These considerations were solved by using a glaze that creates a volumetric effect with matt and glossy areas, adding golden touches to provide a select and colourful appearance. Each piece is handmade and decorated manually, thus, in spite of being similar, they are all different.

Fernando P. Arellano is the chef of Zaranda Restaurant (**Michelin), located in the Castle Son Claret in Mallorca.

Technical guidance, design and production of stoneware plates for serving snacks.

Design set to make different combinations, four stoneware containers adapted and integrated into an existing forged iron structure.

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