We share our knowledge, take you through the processes, give technical advice, design and produce in a personalized way. We have a different and contemporary vision of ceramics with a language of its own.

Creativity laboraty

Given by Yukiko Murata, coordinated by Rosa Cortiella
AIMED AT: professional people from creative and educational spheres interested in acquiring the required knowledge to enhance their creative capabilities
DURATION: 2 days, 2014 february
ATTENDANTS: places are limited, maximum 12 participants in order to ensure individual tuition

To acquire and develop creative resources and conceptual work tools useful to apply in any creative and pedagogical discipline. This is the exercise purpose, “Invisible, impalpable”, which is designed to develop the imagination and creative ability in order to transform abstraction into realization.

“Creativity laboratory” program in catalan and spanish languages (pdf)

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full program

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