We share our knowledge, take you through the processes, give technical advice, design and produce in a personalized way. We have a different and contemporary vision of ceramics with a language of its own.

Each project is considered unique and exclusive. We combine efficiently artisan processes and production methods in order to provide quality and added value.
Limited series in porcelain, stoneware, white clay… we use our own range of colours or we customized new series, taking great care in the finishings, and where each piece is carefully taken care of as unique.

Mediterranean Lifestyle Revisited. A project developed by students of Elisava, school of design.

In this project, instead of treating light just as a luminous object, we tried to give it the importance it deserves in a specific social situation. We want to treat the light as a creator of a certain atmosphere.
In order to do this, we played with interaction between the user and the object and the reflection of light, to create a pleasant and interactive environment.
The aim of this project was to search for the meaning of light in social interactions. More than just an object that provides light, a lamp can create an atmosphere by playing with the interaction between the user and the object as well as the light’s reflection, to create a pleasant and interactive environment.

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