We share our knowledge, take you through the processes, give technical advice, design and produce in a personalized way. We have a different and contemporary vision of ceramics with a language of its own.

Course porcelain

Given by Yukiko Murata, coordinated by Rosa Cortiella
AIMED AT: ceramics and plastic artists who wish to update their knowledge, enhance or deepen in their technique on porcelain
DURATION: 9 months, 2012 october to 2013 june
ATTENDANTS: places are limited, maximum 12 participants in order to ensure individual tuition

Porcelain, despite belonging to the world of ceramics, has distinctive characteristics and behaves differently from the rest of ceramic pastes. This specific makes it difficult to deepen their knowledge with an intensive course. Thus we propose this long course so the participant will have enough time to experience in his/her own workshop.

Yukiko Murata presents a specific topic in each session explaining particular characteristics and working problems. A practical work will be done. During each own workshop, participants have to deepen in the topic and adapt it to their own language.

In following sessions, participants present the problems they have encountered and Yukiko will suggest possible solutions. Each and all kind of solutions will be addressed through practical work. To complete the course, each participant presents their own project.

Yukiko Murata, porcelain specialist with lots of years of experience, will teach how using and understanding this ceramic paste.

Acquire conceptual and technical understanding and design knowledge for students to develop their own work with porcelain.
The course is divided in 9 thematic sessions on the characteristics of porcelain. Each session deepens students’ understanding of various techniques associated with the peculiarities of porcelain and the application exercises to pieces.
• Ornamental design projects  • Sculpture and utilitarian design projects  • Technical exercises  • Lectures, slideshow and videos
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