“When will doubts about the contribution of the ceramics to the story of humanity end? When will our long history and the enormous importance of our hallmarks be recognized? But it turns out that apart from history we also have a prodigious present full of creativity which guarantees a promising future”
Antonio Vivas; art critic. Director of the magazine “Cerámica”.

Revista Cerámica, número 107
Vivas Zamorano, Antonio; art critic. Director of the magazine “Cerámica”
«Rosa Cortiella»
To: Cerámica magazine, Madrid, 2007, number 107

Through a ceramic “forest” titled “Don’t let the trees prevent you from seeing…” by Rosa Cortiella (Barcelona, 1965), whose last exhibition was a sublime experience, evoking magical bamboo forests of the Far East, we are reminded of Goethe when he says: “Nature and art appear to shun one another, but were united before thought”. The sacred forests were the first temples of primitive peoples, those mysterious woods, harboring the hidden forces of nature. We are comfortable in nature because it cannot comment upon us, hence the awakening call by Rosa Cortiella to care for all that is natural and the splendor of life. We “urbanites” are obsessed with dominating the landscape with car tracks, when instead we should conquer the soles of our shoes, this makes us look in the mirror. If we all throw ourselves in the same direction, the world would tip over. Rosa Cortiella’s work is easily recognizable, a clear sign of universality and indomitable individuality, but its’ lack of references not only guarantees us originality, but also gives us variety and diversity, these are her hallmarks, not misguided such as those who claim that uniformity is death, and diversity is life.

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