“When will doubts about the contribution of the ceramics to the story of humanity end? When will our long history and the enormous importance of our hallmarks be recognized? But it turns out that apart from history we also have a prodigious present full of creativity which guarantees a promising future”
Antonio Vivas; art critic. Director of the magazine “Cerámica”.

Allà, on el món s’acaba…

Barcelona Ceramics Museum. 2009, January-May, Barcelona

Rosa Cortiella uses white clay, potter’s clay and porcelain to explore and mould a fantastic, imaginary world to recall the magic of fictional literature. Through five recently created installations, the artist seeks to elicit in the visitor reactions of surprise, eagerness, excitement and sudden shock. “Don’t let the trees prevent you from seeing…” recreates a forest through which the spectator enters the show, only to later discover “Appearances are deceiving”, an ensemble of 14 stones decorated with motifs from human and animal anatomy that help confirm the capacity of organic elements to generate energy and independent life. The group of 50 “Mutants”, inspired by insects and sea creatures, is presented in such a way as to suggest a cave, a cosy, well-lit retreat offering protection from the fear caused by the shadow play of the installation titled “Ikebana”. Visitors leave the exhibition room through a curtain, formed by 1,500 tubes made of potter’s clay and a similar number fashioned from plastic, which reproduce the silhouette of the female sexual organs, through which they will have a “Second opportunity” to set out on life’s course. This is a universe of nature, light and colour that gives precedence to the imaginary over the real.

María Antonia Casanovas, Curator of Barcelona Ceramics Museum



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