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Curator of the exhibition “Usefully”

5 September 2016

Usefulness, experimentation, curiosity, creativity, craft; new solutions for new needs. Reflection on the change of uses and techniques and the influence of technology in contemporary ceramics.

A careful selection of designers and ceramists who, through this ancient technique, contribute their particular perspective to objects that are part of our daily lives.

Creators working on concepts such as ecology, from a poetic or pragmatic language. Decontextualisation of ceramics as a classic material with unexpected uses. Research into the dream or surrealist narrative. New approaches to formal or technical classicism. Interest in the multifunctionality of objects. The dialogue between ceramics and other materials, where it is always difficult to find a balance.

Each of them offers us, from ceramics, new interpretations -transgressive or formal- of our everyday objects to make our lives more enjoyable.

Exhibition in: Artesania Catalunya – Banys Nous Street, 11. 08002 Barcelona
From: 2016/09/07 To: 2016/11/06

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