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17 June 2017


Conversation about the influence of design on the table utensils, dialogue between the kitchen, the product and the diner, and how is the balance between functionality and esthetics to the table.
In gastronomic festival “Vadefoodies” (Igualada). With the participants Ana Roquero (Cook Play), Albert Marimón (La Cava de Tàrrega) and Carles Carol (Espai Gastronomia).
Des-parament de la taula

“Craft on the table”

Public conversation about of actual times of the crafts of author and its relation with the high gastronomy.
Chocolat Museum (Barcelona), with the participants Xavier Vega (Luesma & Vega) and Eulàlia Oliver (Taller Bugambilia).
artesania a taula