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26 November 2013

ART MARKET, Càntir Museum of Argentona (Barcelona)

Be original this Christmas, give art.
Until January 5 artworks small format at exceptional prices!

Art Market of Argentona (Barcelona)

Collective exhibition in Berlin, Galerie Kuhn & Partner

Inauguration: December 5, 2013

Galerie Kuhn & Partner

2014: new courses

La ceràmica material de creació

Ceramics as creation material   //  Given by Rosa Cortiella

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Ceràmica creativa de petit format

Small format creative ceramic  //  Given by Yukiko Murata

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Com fotografiar les nostre peces

How to photograph our designs  //  Given by José Miguel García

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Laboratori de creativitat

Creativity laboratory  //  Given by Yukiko Murata

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